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Navigating the Global Market

with powerful Sales and Operational excellence


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You own a successful mid-size company and have been approached at a trade show or via your website by a distributor and think about expanding globally. What are the steps? How can you assure that your investment will return its value? How do you find the right employees to support your endeavor?

Our experienced global management consultants will guide every organization in the process. Evaluating market potential, product placement and creating a market entry strategy that delivers is what we do best.

We do not only create a strategy, we help you implement and execute it.

Change Management

Optimizing an existing operation is not as simple as it may seem.

Just like a well oiled machine it is important to analyze all aspects of your business, including the bridge to the headquarter that needs to get crossed so many times. Intercultural differences can be incorporated from the beginning or during and already existing operation.  Management of change is more than managing numbers. Even though many of these aspects are invisible to the untrained eye, cultural factors can also quickly bring down a company. We ‘grew up’ in the Machine Tool and Auto Crane industry where we learned that every piece of the equipment is part of the blue print and the blue print is what you need to create in order to be successful.  Working with computer and IT professionals have taught us that you ‘never change a running system’.  The financial world is all about psychology and understanding the above.  We will keep all of that in mind when talking to you.

Sales and Distribution

Finding or establishing the right sales network is the secret of every operation. Nationally as well as internationally. 

Markets are different as are customer expectations which are incremental to your company’s success. 

We provide a  market research and a thorough analysis of your competition and market potential before we suggest an actionable strategy that we will help execute. 

Working with an existing distribution network can be very rewarding as well however the correct approach and training is essential for your ROI. 



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